Goto Tendon

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Goto Tendon is a restaurant that serves some of the most popular Filipino comfort food that
will surely keep you coming back for more. For starters, try our special Goto Tendon, Beef
Tendon Pares, Silog Meals, and Con Niyebe Desserts.

Hanap mo ba’y goto at pares na walang kapares?
Sa Goto Tendon ka na! To learn more about our goto and pares restaurant, visit this page.


What is Tendon?

Tendon, or litid in Filipino, is a fibrous connective tissue that usually connects a muscle to a bone. It is popularly used as a natural thickening agent in soup dishes like nilaga and bulalo. At Goto Tendon, this popular ingredient takes the spotlight in our lineup of bestsellers like goto and pares.

Contrary to what some people think, tendon is rich in collagen and not fat. This means that a plate of tendon – instead of being putok-batok – actually helps promote healthy skin, hair, and joints, protect your heart from diseases, improve liver health, and even support weight management.

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